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About Noosa Box Office

Updated September 2017

Noosa Box Office is set up in the holiday resort of Noosa Heads in south east Queensland where the temperature is pleasant all year round. Yes the summer months of January and February are a little humid but the rest of the year is quite mild to the southern states.

Noosa Box Office is one of the best Boxing set-ups in Australia…

With two boxing rings, an array of punching bags, padded floor area for gym work and a wide range of equipment for your safety and to keep costs low.

This set-up is used by some of the top boxers in the country where they wish to develop their skills.

“Winners never quit & Quitters never win”


Competitive Advantages…

Noosa Box Office (NBO) has been established for over 10 years and is currently owned and run by past Australian and Queensland Boxing Champion Israel Kani.

NBO runs mixed fitness classes from the age of 8 years to gain fitness, build confidence, learn the art of self defence and increase coordination.

NBO is an ideal gymnasium to start your pre season training for all sports.

NBO educates and trains boxers with mixed classes of children from the age of 8 in a responsible and caring way by experienced and qualified staff. Suited to all levels of fitness and your desire to slowly build up or go hard.

Ladies only classes are run by Courtney Buckley to fast track you to weight loss, increased fitness, body shaping and toning at your desired pace several days a week.

Gym Times – operates 6 days week in various times from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm – See contact page for current details.

Unique Selling Points…

Unlimited attendance at all or any classes at a special price of $21.30 per week for those who pay by direct debit – Detail on our contact page. All other prices see Israel for the latest.

Noosa Box Office (NBO) has built its authority for its boxing expertise and gym that people trust.

Watch your children’s self confidence, coordination and fitness improve after several months of training and mixing with similar enthusiastic children at Noosa Box Office.

NBO provide one-on-one training where necessary.

NBO stadium has 2 professional boxing rings set up with the ability to run boxing exhibitions for public viewing.

NBO Gym is closely supervised. We take the safety of you and your children seriously strictly enforcing our high safety standards. See Membership page here.